Happy Birthday Mr President!

February 6, 2012

101 years ago today in Tampico ,IL Ronald Wilson Reagan was born. I send out my Birthday Wishes to The Gipper. We miss you and wish that we had a leader like you today.

Also on this date, 60 years ago, Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth. We also celebrate the grace in which she holds herself and the Monarchy.



  1. We had a leader like Reagan just a few years ago. His name was George W. Bush.

    • “W” was not like Reagan. Reagan brought the moderates on the left into the center right fold. “W” moved from slightly conservative to barely right of center. People were drawn to Reagan while “W” drew closer to them.

      • Reagan had a Democratic Congress, so he was controlled to some extent, but let’s look at their records:

        Reagan tripled the national debt, Bush nearly doubled it.
        Reagan’s deregulation led to the S&L scandal and bailout, Bush’s deregulation led to the finance sector scandal and bailout
        Reagan armed the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that became Al Qaeda, Bush allowed Al Qaeda to attack us.
        Reagan armed both Iraq and Iran, Bush invaded Iraq and now Iran is close to having nuclear weapons.

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