Democrats For Scott Walker

February 11, 2012

Where do you go if you are a Democrat in Wisconsin but don’t support the recall fever going on? There was a time when you would keep it to yourself. You would wait until the election and vote your conscience. These are not those times though! So where can you go to meet like-minded people? Facebook offers you many options these days. You can start your own page or even your own group. Of course then you have to decide whether to keep it open, closed or make it secret. And then you have the whole moderating thing and it starts to be overwhelming and probably not worth all the hassle. Or you can got over to:

Democrats For Scott Walker.

and have the moderation part done for you. This is a page that will welcome you with open arms. It is a safe haven. And yes there are Republicans that also are on this page but you will find them also welcoming and even appreciative of you. They realize how hard it must be for you to openly admit the you are a Democrat for Scott Walker. And don’t worry the moderators keep a close eye on anyone just there to cause problems. So once again, Thank you for your courageous admission and hope to see you soon!


One comment

  1. I am a Republican conservative and just found this site. I would like to welcome any Democrats who support Scott Walker to come here. I do not see anyone here yet.

    Are you out there?

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