Unions want repeal pledge from Dem candidates

February 12, 2012

Unions want repeal pledge from Dem candidates.

So even Sen Tim Cullen wouldn’t agree to a veto pledge and he was willing to flee to Illinois to stop the work of the legislature.

Sen. Tim Cullen, who considered a run against Walker in a recall election, told the Journal Sentinel he was asked by leaders of public employee unions if he would veto any state budget that didn’t restore collective bargaining. “I said I could not make that promise and I did not think any serious candidate for governor could or should make that commitment,” he said of a veto of the state budget. “It’s a $60 billion document.”  

Apparently Kathleen Falk was the only one of the candidates interviewed that would agree to the veto.  So when Falk agreed to it, what was she expecting?

Also Wednesday, the Wisconsin Education Association Council endorsed Falk for governor.

Who thinks that her campaign just might get a little(A LOT) of help from promising to act a certain way on a particular piece of legislation?  So when Supervisor John Weishan, Jr., 16th District in Milwaukee County takes $500 dollars for steering a contract one bidder’s way he gets charged with felonies and rightfully so, but Kathleen Falk agrees to hold the State of Wisconsin hostage for the Unions in exchange for and endorsement and possibly 10’s of millions of dollars in campaign funds and people think it is just politics.  She and her union handlers should be subject to a John Doe investigation like one never seen before in this state.


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