Judges Denies Walker Time Needed

February 17, 2012

Dane Co. Judge Richard Niess denied Governor Scott Walker’s request for 2 additional weeks to review the signatures in the attempt to recall him.  The request would not have substantially delayed any election, if one was necessary, to recall the Governor.  As it stood prior to the ruling, it would have pushed the GAB’s review back to the end of March.  

The Governor has seen an error rate to this point of between 10% and 20%.  If the claim of 1 million signatures by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin is to be believed and that is a big if, the Governor would need to find an error rate of close to 50%.  

Judge Niess had already extended the Governor’s time under state law by 20 days and had doubled the time the GAB has to “review” the signatures.

In this humble blogger’s review, the DPW did not get 1 million signatures.  At best the got 825,000.  The Governor would only have to find an error rate of  34% to stop a recall.  Given the extra requested the Governor could find the additional errors that you can’t find by just a preliminary review. 


It is evident that there will be a recall election.  When it is done, the state will be 20 million dollars poorer and Scott Walker will still be the Governor of the State of Wisconsin.  He will then have a true mandate to carry out the agenda that he told us he was going to do prior to his election to Governor. 

Walker Stands with Me….I Stand with Walker!


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