Dan Sebring for Congress

February 23, 2012

The Mad Conservative is endorsing in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District.  The Mad Conservative endorses:
Dan Sebring!

Dan first became politically active in 1994 when he became involved in opposition to the proposed hand gun ban in the City of Milwaukee.  In 2002, he was active in the successful effort to recall then Milwaukee County Executive Tom Ament, with the result of our current Governor, Scott Walker, ultimately succeeding him.

In 2008 he ran a 6 week write in campaign against the then unopposed 4th district incumbent, Gwen Moore.  During that time, he was elected member at large of the West Allis – West Milwaukee branch of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County.

Dan has been the owner and operator of a Milwaukee auto repair business since 1993.  He won the 2010 Republican primary election and faced the 4th Congressional District Democrat incumbent Gwen Moore in the 2010 general election.  Receiving 30% of the vote, Dan fared better against an incumbent Democrat in Wisconsin’s 4th Congressional District than any other Republican since the 1940′s (in 2002 Tom Reynolds came within 8.9% of the incumbent Democrat running for what was then an open seat.)  Dan’s results were also better than any person who has ever run against an incumbent Gwen Moore, in any election for any office.
For more info go to: Dan Sebring for Congress.



  1. Tom Ament resigned – he wasn’t successfully recalled.

    • That is true but he resigned only after the recall effort had successfully collected more than enough signatures. So while there was not a recall election, the effort to recall him was successful in it’s endeavor.

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