Mayor Barrett Should Give Up State given authority…..

February 23, 2012

On Tuesday of this week, a hearing for a state bill that would lift the residency rules for the City of Milwaukee Police and Firefighters was held in Madison.  Current state law allows the City of Milwaukee to set residency rules, as it is the only first class city in the state.  A first class city is defined as a city of 150,000 population or greater.  Mayor Tom Barrett argued that the state shouldn’t meddle in the business of the local cities and counties.  The state controls most of what the city is allowed to do.  It gives the Mayor authority to appoint public officials such as his staff and the Fire and Police Commision.  It authorizes the common council to have the ability to provide health insurance to it’s employees and retirees.  It requires a 1st class to cover all of it’s vehicles with uninsured motorists coverage.  So is the Mayor saying that the State of Wisconsin has no business in any of these things?  If so, I think Mayor Barrett should release all public officials he has appointed,drop the employee health plan for ALL employees, and drop all uninsured motorists coverage.  In addition to these, he should stop doing anything that State Law specifically authorizes a first class city should or must do.  Until he is willing to give up his state granted authority, he needs to stop his inane ramblings.


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