The Golden Toilet Award for Feb 25th is……

February 25, 2012
Mike Tate

Golden Toilet Award for Feb 25,2012

Mike Tate -Boy Chairman of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin! This week as the rest of Wisconsin was celebrating Ryan Braun’s exoneration in the MLB’s drug probe, Mike Tate found a way to politicize it.  Mike Tate claimed in WisDems blog that “none of this would have been possible without collective bargaining protections  .”  What “Little Man” Tate fails to realize is the difference between public and private unions.  Add to that it was the Player’s Union that agreed to a system that is nearly impossible to prove your innocence.  Braun did not overcome the “guilty until proven innocent”  Kangaroo Court because of collective bargaining  but because of a great legal team and an extraordinary set of unusual circumstances.


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