Racine Man is Charged in Recall Fraud….1 down, 300,000 to go!

February 27, 2012

Mark S. Demet has been charged in connection with his alleged involvement in recall fraud.

You may remember this from the Racine Journal Times Article:
Jeff Demet of Racine is one of the people whose signature was allegedly forged. A friend found his signature four times, but Demet said he never signed once. The Racine County Sheriff’s Office is now investigating that, said Capt. Thomas Lamke. 

Demet’s mother, Mary Demet, also was listed as signing the recall, but Lamke said investigators talked to her and she said she didn’t sign either.

One of the people listed as circulating petitions with Jeff Demet’s signature is his brother, said Jeff Demet. But Lamke said Friday afternoon that he didn’t know if investigators had talked to the brother yet. 

Investigators are working with the district attorney’s office on the case, but Lamke couldn’t say what type of penalty there would be if someone is convicted of fraudulently signing the petitions.

Mark has been charged with a total of 9 felonies in connection with this.  He is charged with 2 counts of Election Fraud-Fraud/Nomination Certification and 7 counts of  Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money.  You can see the charges here.



  1. Lock up this cheater and all the rest.

  2. […] S Demet made his first appearance in court today. You may remember Mark from our earlier story on him.  He allegedly forged several persons names including some of his own family members and a […]

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