Presidential Poll

February 28, 2012

Please leave a comment why you like that person and if you vote other please tell who!



  1. Mitt will overturn Obamacare, open drilling, fracking and Keystone, secure our borders, repeal Obama’s epa regulations, lower corporate and income taxes. AND he will attract the moderates. Without the moderates, the GOP cannot win. A Vote for Santorum is a vote for Obama.

    • Mitt Won’t overturn his OWN key legislation. Have you seen the video of him signing the bill with Kennedy smiling in the background? He’s got the same evilness in him that Obama has. Federal funds are now paying for Massachusetts health care. I wouldn’t hire Romney to walk my dog. He abused his own dog. Even George Soro’s says Romney and Obama are basically the same ticket. Wake UP please. This is the most important election in our lifetime. Rick Santorum is NOT conservative either. He’s not even ready to run even if he were conservative. Newt is the ONLY candidate who has balanced a federal budget. He reduced welfare, he left a surplus and this country desperately needs him right now. Choose wisely please.

  2. Rick has been a solid conservative from the beginning. He will repeal Obamacare, He has a great plan to get America back to work. He is strong on national security.

    • RS is a phony 1 issue candidate ~ Birthcontrol & bibles will not save this nation from Financial Demise ~ Newt is the only one with a proven record of accomplishment, Bold Solutions, Big Ideas, & proven will sacrifice his principals & take one for the team. He is a proven leader with a spine of steel. He has already shown he will be transparent by listing when & what he will do starting Day1

  3. Newt is the only one who can beat Obama at every turn.

    • What part of baggage do u people don’t understand, Romney and Newt there is not way in hell either can beat obama, santorum is our only chance, read the facts people and wake the hell up.

  4. He says that now…but I don’t trust that he really will once elected. A vote for Santorum is a vote to return this country to sanity!

    Rick Santorum:
    10 Things I Will Do In My First 100 Days In Office – Economic Freedom Agenda – 1) Unleash America’s Energy 2) Stop Job Killing Regulations 3) Rein In Spending 4) Repeal and Replace Obamacare 5) Balance The Budget 6) Pro-Growth & Pro-Family Tax Policy 7) Restore America’s Competitiveness 8) Negotiate Free Trade Agreements 9) Reform Entitlements and 10) Revive Housing – Learn more at http://RickEconomy.com/

    And I can BELIEVE he will DO WHAT HE SAYS.

    • So you want to send another big spending Failed Senator to D.C ~ Why not just vote Obama? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing & expecting a different result … Since when does the RIGHT copy cat the left?

  5. Why do we think tht the only guy in the race who has written a similar socialized medicine program, and is financed by the guys who brought you Obama in ’08 is the only guy who can get rid of Obamacare? Why not the guy who defeated Hillarycare? Doesn’t that make more sense? Why do we think that the governor who ranked 47th out of the 50 governors in job production will put us back to work? Why not the guy who created 11 million jobs nationally with his policies despite an unfriendly executive? If Newt Gingrich were running for a second term, and his record was what he had done in four years as speaker, we would reelect him by a landslide. Not only is Romney scary as hell, but Newt is the best qualified first term presidential candidate since Ike (at least).


      • It’s so simple to see, come on folks wake-up this country is in trouble and Newt has the experience to fix it..I agree Todd 100%..

  6. Rick Santorum understands the meaning of constitutional, limited government. His speeches are very inspiring…. he talks about the Declaration of Independence and our Founders and the importance of solving our problems from the bottom up, NOT the top down! He will provide a CLEAR contrast to Obama and win!

  7. Anyone else out there tired of the media throwing Romney down our throats? My vote goes to Rick Santorum!!


    • I completely agree with you, Donna. Newt has the solutions we need at this time and the ability to put the plans in place.
      Mitt Romney is only winning because he has outspent all the other candidates combined and he has the liberal media/establishment GOP behind him. If he gets the nomination, the media will turn on him and his money will be completely meaningless compared to Obama’s near billion. The policies that Romney helped put in place in Mass are not different enough from Obamas;
      Santorum cannot stay on message and allows the MSM to set the debate. He continues to fall into each trap they set. They
      are, and will continue, making Santorum look like a throwback to the caveman days. It’s unfair but that’s how they are. He doesn’t have the ability to fight the way Newt has.

  9. Gingrich can’t win. Period. His pride is the only thing keeping him in this race. He does not have the country’s best interests at heart, he has “his own political resume and interests” at heart. Rick Santorum is every bit, and then some, more conservative than Newt. Santorum has a clear and doable solution to every issue. And Santorum IS electable where as Newt is not.

  10. Newt has done before what this country needs now…HE is the only one who has balanced a federal budget and the one who can out debate Obama…The facts are plain and simple. He wants to give our children and grand children and his, a life that gives freedom of religion, speech, private property, free enterprise and less strain on the dollar they earn..

    • Winning a “debate” is not the same as winning an “election”. Nobody doubts that Newt is a “great debater”.
      Quote from Donna Keyser:
      “He wants to give our children and grand children and his, a life that gives freedom of religion, speech, private property, free enterprise and less strain on the dollar they earn..”
      And Rick Santorum doesn’t want to do these things?? Yes he does! And he has a plan for doing it…on this earth..not on the moon!!

  11. Mitt Romney “isn’t concerned with poor people,” knows guys that are NASCAR team owners, his wife drives “a couple of Cadillacs.”and he is endorsed by one of the wealthiest men in the world. How will he beat Obama when his gaffes will play right into the President’s class warfare? We can all agree that Gov. Romney should never be vilified for his success. But we can also agree that Barack Obama will do just that, and will win convincingly because of it.

    Newt Gingrich is a brilliant statesman. The only problem is he knows it, and relishes in it. He’s not a humble man at all, and he can’t appeal to Reagan Democrats who will feel intimidated and belittled when he makes condescending remarks.

    Rick Santorum is the only man that has a chance. His fiscal policies are sound; his social conservatism can never be questioned, and he will be the only one able to dictate the terms of the election.

    If you value your freedoms, and if you value our Republic, vote for Rick Santorum.

    • Right on , John Galt. Beautifully said!

  12. Newt is the only one that has been there & done it in D.C. ~ The only one that has worked against the machine & beat them at their own game to balance the budget under a DEM no less… Promoted conservatism in & out of office. Brought a majority to house & senate… We need the majority this time … He is the only one wanting to afford personal SS accounts so the GOV cant rob us or generations …. He is the only one staying on topice : ITS THE ECOMONY STUPID!

  13. I am a newly independent ,because of Forced Obamacare ! So as I look around for where to cast my vote ,who to support , I (and the rest of us ,independent’s ) am confronted ,by the Dem’s in Collusion with the GOP and the Media ,to Force a Candidate on Us !? Romney ! Further investigation ,revealed ,Gingrich to me ! Here is a Candidate who has a body of work unequaled ,by either side ! Who has done under a Republican and then a Democrat ,what no one else has done since the 20’s ! Then to see in opposition to Him ,the Dem’s the GOP ,George Soros Ted Turner Rupert Murdoch and Warren Buffet ! We see Romney Santorum and Paul ,embrace and use every dirty low down back stab slandering defaming lying trick ,of the Left ! Well ,for Me ,Gingrich could not Buy a Better Endorsement ! They So Obviously FEAR this man ,that they have used and continue to use every devise at their disposal and the Media ! I Like THEM to be Afraid ! As They Endlessly attempt to put us in Fear ! The Government Should be Afraid of the Citizen’s ,not the Citizen’s in fear of their elected Servant’s ! Romney Santorum and Paul ,can’t Out Spend or Out Lie ,Barry and Soros ,All of them put together ,Can’t Out Truth ,Gingrich !

  14. I know deep in my heart that Newt is the one we need to defeat Obama!!! No doubt about it! Santorum is just too hasty with his mouth and too unpredictable. Romney is too nervous at times and that stuttering is not good! I feel that he just isn’t presidential. He may be a good business man but he just won’t be able to withstand Obama’s attacks. The main issue is MESSAGE! Newt’s message is right on as Sarah said. He has the mind and knowledge to take Obama to the cleaners! The solutions are bold and doable! I would just encourage the Speaker to put more spark in those words and dazzle us like he did in the SC debate. And smile more; it’s captivating!

  15. Newt has already done more work on REAL solutions to America’s problems than Romney, Santorum, and Obama combined. We need a President more interested in DOING the job than GETTING the job.


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