Golden Toilet Award for March 3, 2012

March 3, 2012

This week’s “winners” of the Golden Toilet award are some of the lowest pond scum around.  These people have taken a dark day in Milwaukee and this nation’s past and are celebrating it.  They have completely ignored the families of the victims and the people in the neighborhoods where the animal stalked his prey.  They are comparing it to a “haunted” tour or a tour of “The Boston Strangler” area.  The problem with those comparison’s are both of them are things in the distant past with the Strangler’s crime spree happening almost 50 years ago.  Jeffrey Dahmer’s reign of terror is still a fresh wound in Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin’s psyche.

Who are these sick and twisted individuals?  The go under the name of Bam Marketing and Media.  The actual owner are trying to keep their identities secret.  We do know a couple of names associated with this group though.  Nicholas Vollmann was giving the first tour today to between 4 to 6 people.   Amanda Morden  is the spokeswoman for the group.  The business list as an address as P.O. Box 986 Milwaukee, WI 53201.  I would encourage people to do a protest the old fashioned way and write a letter to these people(I use the term lightly.) and let them know how disgusted we are with them.

Who can you contact if you are interested in stopping this?  Of course you could contact Mayor Barrett or your alderman, or even try emailing County Exec Abele or your County Board member but if they were going to do anything about this they would have already.  One possibility is the Walker’s Point Association.  Walker’s Point Association president Victor Ray said Saturday, or any day in the near future, is too soon. Dahmer’s crimes are just two decades old and many of his victims’ family members are still around, he said.


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