George Will has it exactly wrong…If we don’t stop Obama now, there may not be a next time….

March 5, 2012

In a recent article in The Washington Post Republicans can stop Obama, one way or another George Will makes some interesting points. He is unfortunately dead wrong on them.

Today, conservatives dismayed about the Republican presidential spectacle may write a codicil to what is called the Buckley Rule. He said that in any election, conservatives should vote for the most electable conservative. The codicil might be: Unless the nomination or election of a particular conservative would mean a net long-term subtraction from conservatism’s strength.

While many conservatives are dismayed about the choice they have in the Republican Primary process this year, almost all  of them know that now is the time to act.  If we wait, it may be too late to save the nation from the dramatic shift to the extreme left.  In politics, long term is the next election.  A loss in the Presidential race this year, will make this a completely different country.  Instead of a shining light upon a hill we will become a barely flickering candle in a ramshackle shack in a hidden cove.

If either(Romney or Santorum) is nominated, conservatives should vote for him. But suppose the accumulation of evidence eventually suggests that the nomination of either would subtract from the long-term project of making conservatism intellectually coherent and politically palatable. If so, there would come a point when, taking stock of reality, conservatives turn their energies to a goal much more attainable than, and not much less important than, electing Romney or Santorum president. It is the goal of retaining control of the House and winning control of the Senate.

I completely agree with Will that no matter who is nominated, conservatives should vote for him.  That is where Will and I differ though.  Neither Romney nor Santorum would subtract from the log term goal.  In fact quite the contrary is true especially if we elect a conservative House and Senate.  A conservative Congress would pull either of these men to the right.  They would preside over a new awakening of conservatism in America.  It will be morning in America again!

Such a restoration would mean that a reelected Obama, a lame duck at noon Jan. 20, would have a substantially reduced capacity to do harm. Granted, he could veto any major conservative legislation. But such legislation will not even get to his desk because Republicans will not have 60 senators. In an undoubtedly bipartisan achievement, both parties have participated in institutionalizing an extra-constitutional Senate supermajority requirement for all but innocuous or uncontroversial legislation. This may be a dubious achievement, but it certainly enlarges the power of a congressional party to play defense against a president.

Apparently George Will believes Obama will just stop doing the unconstitutional things he has become known for. That view is either due to Will being around Washington too long or he is just lost his mind!  Losing the Presidency this year could easily mean two liberal Supreme Court Justices, untold number of Federal Judges and a continuing of Obama’s reign of unconstitutional power grabs. He has already declared war against Libya without a Congressional Declaration, made recess appointments while Congress was still in session, made 30+ new Cabinet Level Czar positions, and has used the administrative power of the Presidency to declare laws and rules via Executive Fiat. I am not sure what short of impeachment can stop this President with a Manifest Destiny Complex. He has shown he has complete disregard for the separation of powers. His most recent foray into Constitutional destruction has him ignoring the 1st Amendment protection of religious freedom.  

Still, the presidency is not everything, and there will be another election in the next year divisible by four.

The presidency is not everything but in the hands of Obama it is a dangerous thing. If allowed 4 more years, there may not be another Presidential Election there may just be a second Civil War!


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