Golden Toilet Award for March 10th, 2012.

March 10, 2012

It has been an event filled week.  From the mining bill going down in the Wisconsin Sates Senate to a Dane County judge putting a hold on the Voter ID bill. This week has yielded a boatload of candidates for the Golden Toilet Award.  I had considered a joint award but I finally have made my mind about who this weeks winner is.  And the winner…..will have to wait for a few minutes.

In the Wisconsin Senate, you had a whole cast of characters involved that all would be worthy candidates in a normal week.  Dale Schultz is the Republican senator that has found a spine inasmuch as he has found a way to become a powerful turncoat but a turncoat just the same.  Bob Jauch is the Democratic Senator from the area where the mine was supposed to be built.  Tim Carpenter is the Democratic Senator from the Milwaukee area who at one time in his political career was considered reasonable.   The rest of the Democratic Senators are ideologues that we can’t really expect to have an original idea.  The State Assembly passed  Assembly Bill 426 on January 26th of this year, and then sent it on to the State Senate.  The State Senate hemmed and hawed and after much debate and compromise on the Republican side it finally came up for a vote this week.   Hopes were high that the bill would be passed.  Rumors flowed that one of the Democratic Senators was going to vote for the bill.  The company that had hoped to build the mine, Gogebic Taconite, had made official memorandums of understanding with multiple unions to ensure that 95% of the jobs at the mine would be union jobs.  The jobs would have been  good family supporting jobs.  It was clear that the RINO Schultz wouldn’t vote for it as that would have cut into his power as the thorn in the the side of the Republican majority.  Jauch who’s district would have the most to gain from the mining legislation is too much of a Democratic yes-man to ever go against his handlers, the Public Employee Unions.  So what would Tim Carpenter have to gain from voting for the mining bill?  First off, it would mean at least some jobs to his constituents.  Secondly, he is running for Milwaukee City Treasurer, and he could gain most if not all of the conservative vote in the City of Milwaukee for his run against Spencer Coggs.  And lastly his father worked for a company that made mining equipment for 35 years and he could vote yes as a tribute to him.  In the end, the mining bill went down to defeat 17-16 with all of the Democrats and the RINO Schultz all voting against it.

Also this week, the judiciary got involved in the battle for our rights and not on our side.   Dane County Circuit Court Judge David Flanagan struck a blow to ensuring the right to vote is secure from theft.  A law suit was filed by the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP and the illegal immigrant lobby group Voces de la Frontera against Governor Walker and the Government Accountability Board.  In the suit they claimed that a significant number of people in minority groups and senior citizens do not have proper ID to vote.  Voces de la Frontera has been in and out of court with affidavits trying to show the difficulty people were having in acquiring ID.  Flanagan had previously ruled that these did not show that irreparable harm would be done.  In his latest ruling, he put a temporary injunction against the defendants from implementing the law in the upcoming election pending a 5 day trial scheduled to start on April 16th.  In this ruling he ruled that “the likelihood of irreparable harm.” was present.  In order to determine that, he would also have to have ruled that they would eventually prevail.  Judge Flanagan like all other judges are supposed to recuse themselves in cases where there is a conflict of interest or where there could be the appearance of impartiality. Not only did Judge Flanagan not recuse himself he also filed to notify the parties of his action of signing a recall petition against Governor Walker, a defendant in the case.  The judge’s wife was also a circulator in the recall effort.  In addition to that the judge’s campaign manager, Melissa Mulliken, is also a former adviser to Kathleen Falk, who is running against Walker in the upcoming recall election.  The judge failed to inform any of the parties involved of these possible conflicts.   Attorney General JB Van Hollen has filed an appeal of the injunction, but it is unsure whether it will be acted upon before the April 3rd election.

Most weeks the decision is easy.  This week I could have picked Judge Flanagan and no-one would argue with the decision. I could have picked collectively the 16 Democrats and 1 RINO that voted against the mining bill and killed literally thousands of jobs in Wisconsin.  I could have picked Sen Jauch as it should have been an easy decision for him to vote for jobs that his area of Wisconsin desperately needs.  I could have picked Sen Schultz as he should have stood strong with his fellow Republicans and voted for jobs.  But in the end there can be only one, and this weeks winner is Sen Tim Carpenter.  When all is said and done not only did he turn his back on Wisconsin, he turned his back on the memory of his own father.   And for that, Tim Carpenter is the March 10th Winner of the Golden Toilet Award!


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