When the Governor Schools the Teacher’s Unions…

March 15, 2012

So last week the Milwaukee Teacher’s Education Association(MTEA) along with the Milwaukee Public Schools(MPS) requested that the Wisconsin State Legislature give the opportunity to reopen their contract. Normally if they reopened their contract it would have nullified it under state law. You may asking yourself “So why would they want to do this?” MPS is going to running into a shortfall in this upcoming school year.  That would have meant more teacher layoffs under the current contract.  Both MPS and MTEA wanted to avoid this.  The legislature could and has subsequently passed legislation to allow them to reopen their contract without voiding it so they can work out wage and benefit concessions.  So it sounds like everyone gets what they want including the children and parents of the district.

Enter four other teacher’s unions from around the state… specifically Madison, Racine, Kenosha  and Green Bay. Ironically four districts which went ahead and ratified union contracts prior to Act 10 taking affect.  They decided to write a joint letter to the MTEA. Well the leadership of the unions did….  

In response, Governor Walker decided to address the 4 unions that clearly did not care about Wisconsin, their union brethren and the people of Milwaukee.

As you can see Governor Walker clearly schools the teacher’s union on caring for the state and the kids that they are supposed to be serving!


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