October 7, 2012

A great argument on why a Libertarian should vote for Romney!


I just finished writing a huge comment on PJTV’s Trifecta program in response to a Libertarian arguing that his conscience compelled him to vote for the Libertarian Candidate, Gary Johnson, rather than the “lesser of two evils,” Mitt Romney. This is that argument, edited and enhanced slightly.

I’ve been a Libertarian and a libertarian for 40 years. I was the chair of the Ohio Libertarian Party in the ’70s. I still answer to the label “libertarian” and also to “Objectivist” and “Constitutional Conservative” not to mention TEA Party guy. The point is that I’ve been observing the conservative movement from the time of the Goldwater candidacy to the TEA Party and I think I have a clue.

The Libertarian Party argument against voting for Mitt Romney, is based on several false premises, many of which are the reason Libertarians rarely capture more than a few percent of the vote. I…

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